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2 weeks 3 days ago #10 by Mike Ricks
Sentinel Sharing was created by Mike Ricks
Hello All XYO members,

I live near Fort Sill Oklahoma which probably most of you are wondering where that is located on the map. Trust me once I had my Orders to be reassigned from Germany to the states; I had to Google where in the ye** was the State of Oklahoma???

I have 6 Sentinels which have not been activated and needs to upgraded to SEN X before I can send them to a new home for a short visit and return. I am not sure exactly swapping between States works and that is where I need some guidance.

I have several Sentinels out with fiends and family all local. And they all can be upgraded or down loaded to the bridge whatever stored data.

Which brings me to a different question, I have almost 200 Thousand Bound Witnesses on both my Android and Apple phones. Is this data ever going to be downloaded into a form of XYO tokens or equivalent? My Bridge payment key still shows pending under the Payment key. Which I cannot add my wallet address. I am listed as the owner but has the word "Unclaimed" . The Bridge is up to date with current upgrades / software. I hate to seeing my phone burning up energy collecting data and for what???

I welcome any help or suggestions regarding my " Unclaimed" Bridge and empty payment key.; besides putting your Wallet address. Also, what the heck are we doing with all of the Bound Witnesses on our XYO App / phones or devices?

PM me if you want to do the State Sentinel Swap.

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19 hours 41 minutes ago #11 by Frank Huncheck
Replied by Frank Huncheck on topic Sentinel Sharing
I would be interested in swapping sentinels. 

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7 hours 48 minutes ago #12 by Adam
Replied by Adam on topic Sentinel Sharing
I would swap a sentinel. 

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