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    Rapper Spicoli White Self-produced, unsigned, 22 years old with 26 tats. “Livin by the minute.” I rap in my own studio and love it! Hit me up and let’s make music, or check me out! I’m into cryptocurrency, music, rap, heavy metal, skating and technology. Recovering addict almost 2 years clean! I started making music in March 2017 and came from Soundcloud/Datpiff exclusive recorded with a guitar hero microphone to a home studio with real equipment and music distribution all over the internet and the world.
    Got called Spicoli, from Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Breaking bad was the first Netflix series I seen all of the episodes. I loved the show and Walter White. I want my name to mean something and have the significance a tattoo does. Lil Spicoli was my first idea, Spicoli Mane was second because I love Gucci Mane's music. Then I came up with Spicoli White.
    My music I have out now should give everyone an idea of who Spicoli White really is. I try to be unique by rapping about me and what I like. All I want(ed) to do is make music for fun and maybe even fame. I grew up playing bass, then guitar. Never could get a good band going but I'm really built off of music. Other than music I am great with technology. Started out with an old Dell desktop and an Xbox. I try to be the best person I can and with every passing day I try to improve myself. I may not be a great person but I make it easy to be likable and get along with. Also an ordained Dudeist Priest! Take it easy man!
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    Line Cook
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    United States
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