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KKC & KKO Founding Members (KKC FM Only)

KKC & KKO Founding Members (KKC FM Only)

KKC & KKO.Founding Members is Exclusive KRYPTO KLUB for KRYPTO KLUB'S Founding Members.

  • KKC & KKO Founding Members is a Official KRYPTO KLUB!You need to be a KRYPTO KLUB Founding Holder with KKC ERC20 Tokens and KKO ERC20 Tokens in your ERC20 Compatible Ethereum Wallet to enter this Official KRYPTO KLUB.*Any amount of KKC ERC Tokens or KKO ERC20 Tokens in your wallet qualifies.You have to be a KKC Founding Member first. You are if your reading this.*KKC Founding Members and Uniswap have KKC & KKO ERC20 Tokens and that's the only way in to The KKC Founding HODLer's KRYPTO KLUB.*Everyone on KRYPTO KLUB now has a chance to be KKC ERC20 & KKO ERC20 Token HODLer if they want. No pressure. I would though, Your already a KKC Account Member and can send a request to withdraw your KKC account earning to KKC ERC20 Tokens when you reach 50,000 KKC. [email protected] you joined KRYPTO KLUB since the beginnings you qualify if own KKC ERC20 Tokens & KKO ERC20 Tokens and are currently HODLing in your wallet. "Being a KRYPTO KLUB Founder & holding KKC ERC Tokens & KKO ERC Tokens are your only keys inside this KRYPTO KLUB.*Admin Approval is Required.*You find Earn KKC here or get KKC & KKO ERC20 Tokens here.¬†KRYPTOKLUB.com (KKC)https://uniswap.exchange/swap/0x995876d31451b987d565b42d698939ad8026d72aKRYPTO KLUB OG (KKO)https//uniswap.exchange/swap/0x1ad16a873dab4be77c26494d659643c87b5e0986* To hold ERC20 Tokens you need a Trust Wallet, Enjin or MetaMask. https://trustwallet.com/
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